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Cycling welcomes you in Steyr

Details of idea

by Stephi Gastel  |  at 11. October 2018 - 14:13  |  
Participation in the challenge Besser Radeln in der Region Steyr-Kirchdorf (Public)


I am an international visitor/student in Steyr and I love cycling. Since I arrived here, I have wished to find information about sports and clubs or groups of people I could join. Not only because there are many people passionate about sports and it is important for our physical and psychological health, but also to know more about the region, more about nature is around us, to be related with people with similar priorities and likes, and most important to enjoy our time in uppers Austria and record even more good things to say when we share in our home countries the experience of living in Austria.
In order to do that, there should be a group of interested people to be connected through the online page and/or the app, sharing and providing information about events, races, bike tours, among others.
As well as invite universities to be allied and cooperate with the project by promoting events and invite their students (international ones included) to participate and join the project.



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